The Friendly Farm Barnyard

Wander around The Friendly Farm barnyard. You'll find loose birds roaming around which can be fed corn. Walk among the farm yard and feed the friendly animals. You can even help the farmer feed a bottle of warm milk to the playful goats!

First time visitors are always amazed at how clean everything is . . . and how trusting (and friendly) the animals are.


The Pig Pen

At various times of the day our pig can be fed, scratched or hosed down. But, don't worry, cleaning the pig pen is left strictly for the farm hands!

The Chicken Coop

Our chicken coop is actually a six room house that has been turned into a home for 100's of chickens. Here, you can witness the miracle of birth.

With a wide variety of chickens and chicks available for handling, out chicken coop is very much a hands-on experience.

The Stables

Our stables were originally built in 1926 to hold horses. Today, the stalls actually contain our youngest animals with 2 stalls for rabbits, one with peacocks and one with our newest babies.

You're never quite sure what you'll see when you visit our stables!